Cows and Life Expectancy

Cows and Life Expectancy

Cows can live to be up to 25 years old and weigh up to 2800 pounds. Veal calves are slaughtered when they are 1-24 weeks old. Beef cows are slaughtered at 18 months, and when dairy cows are spent after about 4 years of constantly being pregnant and pumped, they are slaughtered as well. No animals on factory farms live to be adults. They are all still babies when they are sent to slaughter, which is why so many people are amazed when they see the size of a cow allowed to live to old age. Pinto is Farm Sanctuary’s largest steer, (at the Southern California location) weighing about 2000 pounds. He is big and beautiful and docile, and he deserves to have life, just like all of his less fortunate family and friends that are on dinner plates

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