Cows and Veal

Cows and Veal

William was saved from slaughter when he fell off of a veal transport truck and was rescued by Farm Sanctuary. Veal is a product created by stealing new born calves from their mothers after they are born and chaining them by the neck to a crate that is so small it allows for no movement whatsoever. These calves are force fed, beaten, made to lay in their own feces, and are susceptible to pneumonia, ulcers, diarrhea and lameness. After three to eighteen weeks of torture, they are taken to be slaughtered. FAWL is currently working on a campaign against veal in LA. Help us out and tweet one of the restaurants we’re trying to get to ban veal from their menu. Tweet @bucadibeppo and the CEO, Rick Tasman @rtaz248 and tell them you don’t want them serving veal anymore! It is cruel and inhumane and we don’t want it!

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