Foie Gras

Foie Gras

Ducks and geese are farmed for Foie Gras,(translation- “fatty liver”) and the process to produce Foie Gras is not a pretty one. Workers shove metal pipes down duck’s and geese’s throats three times a day and pump about four pounds of fat into the animal’s stomachs, which makes their livers bloat up to ten times the size of a healthy duck or geese liver. These birds are kept in tiny wire cages or crammed into sheds, and some workers have to force feed up to 500 birds three times each day. This causes severely rough handling of the birds, and they can loose all their feathers due to stress. California recently banned Foie Gras, but it is still legal to sell elsewhere, and until it stops being produced, ducks and geese will have to suffer every day. Take a stand! Go vegan!

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