Review: Field Roast Frankfurters

Last week, I was grocery shopping with my boyfriend and he suggested we pick up some of the Field Roast Frankfurters to try for the first time. They’re available at a ton of baseball stadiums now, so we figured we would try them out and see how they hold up to the classic Dodger Dogs we remember loving.

They were amazing! Perfect flavor, perfect texture, and at 21g of protein per frank, they are substantial and so filling. My boyfriend, an avid hotdog eater, said it was the best one he’s had in a long time. Not too surprised, Field Roast always makes great stuff and it’s hard to go wrong topping a hotdog with homemade chili, home pickled pickles, and shredded Daiya cheese. These are my new favorite vegan and soy free franks on the market, will never again buy anything else for my hotdog needs.

Field Roast Frankfurter

Both Field Roast and Daiya brands are available at Whole Foods and Sprouts Markets, but you can also find them at the following stadiums:

Safeco FieldSeattle WA – Home of the Mariners

Petco Park, San Diego CA – Home of the Padres

Chase Field, Phoenix AZ – Home of the Diamondbacks

O. Co Coliseum, Oakland CA – Home of the Athletics

Progressive Field, Cleveland OH – Home of the Indains

Target Field, Minneapolis MN – Home of the Twins

AT&T ParkSan Francisco CA – Home of the Giants

Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham NC – Home of the Bulls

Century Link, Seattle WA – Home of the Seahawks and Sounders Soccer


  1. I felt the same way when I first discovered Field Roast. Now I wish they were gluten-free as well. I will still recommend them even though I can’t partake in enjoying them.

  2. It would be great if they were GF too. I’ll need to keep an eye out for a good gluten free option.

  3. I had one at AT&T Park while we were visiting Randi and Ethan. I had no idea it was Field Roast!

  4. Did you grill these? Are there better boiled or grilled?

    1. I boiled then pan fried them. They would be great grilled, though! If i had a grill, I would definitely use it to cook these.

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